About Us


About Us

BCB TechCenter – A skill driven business curated to advice , support and help small businesses, charities, schools, individual and especially stay at home mums who may need support when it comes to developing their business in this ever changing digital world. We welcome everyone with a friendly smile and will listen to you to understand your challenges.

You may find in our Blog post some tech tips and advice for individual and businesses. Keep in touch by following us on social media for more support.

We offer free tech advice, operational support, zoom meeting scheduling, strategic consultancy, implementing new solutions and technologies that would reduce cost and increase ROI.

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Our Core Values

We strongly believe in people and what people can accomplish. We build everlasting collaborative relationships with our customers and with a great partnership in supporting with a host of their IT needs. Understanding your pain point. Find the best solution to your frustration. Develop great customer experience. Create a long-lasting positive experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple – To advise and help individuals and small business overcome their IT and Technical worries.